Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Google Search supercharged with Knowledge Graph

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Google has done something to really improve search. The new improvement is being called 'Knowledge Graph'. This according to Google is one of their first steps in moving from becoming a knowledge engine instead of just an information engine. So what is this new improvement and how will it work

Google Knowledge Graph: How does it work
To begin with it must be noted that to fulfill the requirements of its knowledge graph Google has had to compromise on its prime advertising real-estate space located on the right-hand column.When you search on Google what you get now is results that have a lot more related information. So if you search for Leonardo da Vinci you still get to see the result from Wikipedia that we are all used to but now you also get other useful info thrown at you. You get a brief bio about the Renaissance painter, where he was born who his parents were and where he is buried. You also get a list of famous works from that era. If you are searching for let's say a famous author, you get a list of his best books and also related authors. So if someone searches for a particular author and then moved on to the next. Google will offer you the knowledge of the crowd and you can also see other people related to that genre. So a lot of what is displayed comes from the knowledge of users which seems to be the best way to go. Because if you are searching for something that not much information is avialble online, users are the best source of information on where to go next. You should try it out now. Please leave a comment below about what you think about Google's Knowledge Graph. You can check it out for yourself by going to
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