Sunday, May 27, 2012

How to delete a Google+ Circle

Now that you have started having fun using Google+. One of the first thing you might have done was to create circles. Circles are a ring of people you group together to follow updates from and to share stuff with. A circle is usually based around a common interest like 'Politics' 'Sports' etc. You can create any number of circles you want and delete any number of circles. There are many reasons why +ers would want to delete a circle. Change of interest perhaps, the circle is no more adding any value in terms of updates and inputs. There are various reasons for wanting to delete a circle. So here's how to delete a circle on Google+.How to delete a Google Plus circle
1. login to Google+
2. Click on the circles icon found on the left hand corner
3. A list of your circles pop-up on the bottom half of the page
4. Click on the circle you want to delete
5. A list of all circle members pops-up on the top half of the page
6. Hover over the circle now and you get three options
7. Choose 'Delete'
8. Click 'Delete' on the warning message that appears
9. You're done.

What happens when you delete a Google+ circle
How to delete a Google+ cirlce

1. People who were only in this circle will stop being connected with you
2. If you have shared anything with the people who belong to this circle. It will no longer be visible.

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