Monday, May 28, 2012

Google Correlate: Helps in better SEO and keyword research data

Now this is another good product from Google and will be especially helpful for people who are into SEO, research or marketing. With Google Correlate you can find out information on products, seasons, trends and a host of other correlated subjects. So once you enter a search term you can find keyword data and search patters that you might not have though existed before. This really helps SEO experts find new keywords that they can use to optimize their content. So if you are a website owner or a blog owner this is one tool you might want to look into regularly. It will show you how search terms that are important to you are related to other terms and how these patters might emerge and do the same patters change with seasons. 

Google Correlate is a part of Google Trends and helps in analyzing data chronologically. It is different from Google Trends and insights for search in that it gives you a historical picture of the data that you want to analyze.All the web search data that is being used by Google Correlate is Google date starting from January 2003 to present. One fine feature of the product is it's ability to show best matching keywords based on search volume and how related keywords might have changed over time. So if you are a student and need help with products or searches that might relate to your topic, correlate can help you. If you are a blogger or website owner use this product to help you come up with better website and keyword optimization. Give you content a broader perspective and gain a newer audience.
Google Correlate

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