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How to track your lost Android phone and find it again

If you have misplaced your mobile phone then there are ways to track it and get it back. The easiest instance would be that you turned the ringer into silent mode and then forgot where you left it. If you have one of the apps listed below it will help you to turn the ringer on by remote controlling your phone via SMS or TEXT messages and turning it back on. Below are a list of apps that can definitely help you track your lost phone.

1. Plan B

This is an app that you can use after you have lost your phone. There is no software to be downloaded and if by chance your phone is missing, head over to this app located in Google Play and start it over the web to begin searching. To begin using the app you will need a Google Account and then start using it over the web. Once installed you get an email in your associated Gmail account telling you the app has begun searching for your phone. This is followed up by another email with a Google map showing you where your phone is. If it is unable to locate your phone you can use another phone and text the word 'Locate' to your phone. The service will not work if your phone is turned off. has no SIM card or no network connection. Works in the US only.

2. Where's My Droid Lite
This is one app can also be used after you have lost your phone. Once you phone is missing you can use this app to send a text message to your phone that will turn the ringer volume right up and help you locate your phone. You can also use text commands to send you back your phones location and get the longitude and latitude position of your phone. 

3. Agastya
This app will allow you to again turn on your phone's ringer even if it is silent mode. You can do so by using any other phone and using text message commands to get the job done. Here is a list of commands you can use with this app, provide by Tech blog Digital Inspiration

SILENT – Turn off the phone’s ringer
RINGER – Turn on the ringer
IMEI – Get the IMEI number* of your phone
LAST MESSAGES – Retrieve the last 5 text messages received on your phone
LAST CALLS – Know the last 5 missed/received/dialed numbers
– Fetch the contact number of a person from the address book.

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