Monday, May 14, 2012

They robbed a internet cafe at gun point and get caught - forgot to logout of Facebook

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Every now and then something really silly happens that leaves you in splits of laughter or at best with a wide grin. This is one such story and happened in Calima, north of the city of Cali, Colombia. What transpired was that two men walked into an internet cafe hired two computers and sat down to do their thing. Once of which must have been to login to Facebook and check their accounts. Once down they got up to pay for their system use and pulled out guns and robbed the internet cafe. The cafe administrator then called the police who found that one of the men had not logged out of his Facebook account. This took his home address from his account and drove to the criminal's home picked him up and logged him in Jail.

This is exactly what happened - talk about covering your trail. The thief left a hot and blazing trail, right to his home. In fact once they had robbed the internet cafe they made a clear getaway on their motorcycle - the irony of it. You plan an escape and leave your secrets open - just saying.
Source: MSNBC via Gizmodo

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