Wednesday, June 13, 2012

How to know when someone Unfriends you on Facebook

Facebook does not have a native function for you to be able to do this and find out. There is no App on Facebook to know when someone removes you as a friend. There are however a few other alternatives available on the web that will help you do just this. You need to keep in mind that sometimes you get a notification about being unfriended but all that has happened is that one of your friends have deactivated their profile or deleted this Facebook profiles. With this is mind let's look at a few apps that allow you to find out who has removed you as a friend on Facebook. So how do you find out which friend has unfriended you on Facebook. 

1. Unfriend Finder
This is a script that can be downloaded to your  Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera, Safari and Internet Explorer. There are three main things this script helps you do - a. notifies you when someone has unfriended you b. Lets you know when a friend of yours has deactivated their account. c. Helps you keep a track of all your friend requests.

2. Lost Friends  - iPhone and iPad
A simple app to find who has deleted you. Works fine on the iPhone and iPad. There might be some false alarms like when a friend deactivates their profile or if you actually remove a person from your friends' list. 

3. Friends Checker for Facebook  - Android
Available free on your Android phone this app does jsut one thing and that is let you know when you have been unfriended on Facebook. This app could also give a false alarm if lets say you freind has disabled all apps. Please see developer message on the App for more. 

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