Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Bad Luck Brian Meme

Bad Luck Brian is a meme that first appeared on Reddit and has not left. Bad luck Brian is a series of image macros that feature a blond haired boy wearing a plaid sweater vest with braces and a shirt. Accompanied by captions that describe a variety of situations that could lead to a teenage boys embarrassment. These captions seek to capitalize on embarrassing situations which are typically bad luck situations with first world problems. The situations are typically what teenagers face and are usually solved very easily but not with bad luck Brian. The worst-case scenario is usually what is encountered. 

Bad Luck Brian Meme origin and history
The first submission was made on Quickmeme on Jan 23, 2012 with the caption, 'Takes driving test / gets first DUI'. It slowly gained traction and began to spread. You can find more on reddit/r/adviceanimals, there are also Tumblr blogs dedicated to Bad Luck Brian and Facebook pages dedicated to one of the most hilarious meems of 2012. 

Bad Luck Brian's real name and identity.

Bad Luck Brian's real name is Kyle and you can read more about what he has to say about himself here. Unlike the meme his photo has become Kyle has not been so unlucky in life and actually enjoys quiet a bit of good luck. Below are meme pictures for your enjoyment. 

Bad Luck Brian meme template - use this to create your own

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