Monday, July 2, 2012

Facebook Update: Adds icon next to Chat username which leads to Timeline

Facebook have released yet another feature. When you sign-in to Facebook chat and hover over a Username, a people icon appears and when you click on it, it leads to the person's Timeline. This is really a shortcut that is very needed. Now when you're chatting with someone and want to view their Timeline profile. You can just hover over their name and click the icon that appears. previously you would need to  go to the search-bar on top and enter their name before being able to view their Timeline. This shortcut is very useful and definitely an improvement to chat.

So as you chat you can hover over your pals name in the chat-bar and click on the icon. So when you're sharing things and talking about each other, you can now simultaneously be on the person's Timeline or profile. This is not a huge step or improvement but definitely makes things easier for people who are chatting with one another. If you are one of those people who chat with many friends at the same time. This is a step that makes your chat easier. You can flirt from Timeline to Timeline with this simply step, which essentially moves away a lot of the hassle of searching for each person's profile or Timeline individually.

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