Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Are you abnormal and a psychopath if you're not on Facebook?

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The daily mail had a nice write-up on whether you were abnormal and a person who can be red-flagged if you were not on Facebook. Facebook has over 955 million users and if you are not a part of that maybe something is wrong. Are people going so far to say that Facebook has now become part of the social norm. The article also points out that some of the present day criminals - people noted for heinous crimes did not use Facebook. The article title ask - if you are not on Facebook are you a psychopath?. Well it seems to be a harsh stance to take. Consider this however employers across the US consider it unhealthy if young works do not have a Facebook account. having a Facebook account is a sign of healthy social interaction and equivalent to a normal online social life. 

Now here's the other thing the article points out - if you're going on a date and your partner does not have a Facebook presence maybe you should not go out with that person. Many big name psychologists have pointed out that having a Facebook account is a sign of having a healthy social network. So not having a Facebook account is starting to raise red flags when it comes to your ability to prove you are normal and have a healthy social like. What do you think let us know in the comments section below.
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