Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Google Doodle: Slalom Canoe 2012

The Slalom Canoe doodle from Google

Today we have a new interactive doodle from Google - Slalom Canoe 2012. This Olympics doodle is the third interactive doodle based on London 2012. We have the hurdles 2012 and the basketball 2012 doodles and now the third offering from Google is the ability to paddle your canoe while navigating the watercourse which has various obstacles like rocks. There are also gates marked with green poles that need to be navigated. Canoe Slalom is a competitive sport where the aim is to navigate a canoe or kayak down a course with hanging gates in the fastest time possible. Although the event is over at the Olympics this doodle makes for some great fun. As usual if you are successful there are three gold coins to be won. Which you can then brag about with your friends over at Google+.

Google Doodle Slalom Canoe: How to play
1.Head over to Google
2. Click on the start button
3. You canoe reaches the start line
4. Use the right and left arrow on your keyboard to start pedaling and give direction to your canoe
5. There are rocks in the water to be avoided as hitting it slows your time
6. make sure you pass through all the green poles - gates
7. Do this in the fastest time and get awarded with three gold coins

So head over now and give it a twirl. If you need the permalink to play the doodle at any time please find it here.

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