Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Google's I'm Feeling Lucky button now offers 8 more suggestions

I'm Feeling luck button on Google has other options now

For as far as anyone can remember the 'I'm Feeling Lucky' button on Google has always been there. It has always been around making one wonder why it's there. Did it hold any real value other that a small bit of entertainment to break the monotony of the day. That has now all been changed and when you mouse over the 'I'm feeling lucky button you 8 other options to choose from. When clicking on any of these new options you are led to some other Google Property - usually the ones know as 'Easter Eggs' by Google. Gives Google the opportunity to keep users on their own site and not loose traffic to other sites. Another reasons for this is that it leads to some pretty interesting Easter eggs and can be fun to play around with.

How do I view these options:
Just head over to Google and mouse-over the I'm Feeling Lucky button and see the options change. Move your mouse around for more options. 

There are 8 different options to the I'm feeling lucky button and we have made a list of them down below for you with a link to the Google site each one leads to.

List of I'm Feeling Lucky alternatives
1. I'm Feeling Doodle - leads to the Google Doodle site.
2. I'm Feeling Artistic - leads you to a Google Art project.
3. I'm Feeling Wonderful - leads you to Google World Wonders Project.
4. I'm Feeling Playful - leads you to random interactive Google Doodle.
5. I'm Feeling Trendy - leads you to Google Trends the place to find out what are the hot trends for the moment.
6. I'm Feeling Puzzled - leads you to a Google a day puzzles, available one at a day. 
7. I'm Feeling Hungry - leads you to a normal Google search for restaurants close by.
8. I'm Feeling Stella - leads you to a normal Google Images search and display results from the heavens.

So the next time you feel bored and are wondering what to do with your time online - here's something to keep you occupied and busy.

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