Wednesday, August 15, 2012

How to make Facebook my homepage on IE, Chrome, Firefox or Safari

Facebook has been experiencing continuous growth and if some studies are to be believed, Facebook is all set to cross the 1 billion mark in August. Yes, Facebook is expected to cross over 1 billion users this month. It is no surprise then that you might be one of the people who use Facebook frequently and would like to set Facebook as your homepage on your browser. Facebook users tend to visit Facebook first on the internet before proceeding to other sites. This post is to help you do just that and set Facebook as your homepage, so as soon as you start your PC or mobile device the first site you visit will be Facebook. How to make Facebook my homepage.

How to set Facebook as homepage in IE, Chrome, Firefox and Safari


1. IE

Open Internet Explorer and click on tools > Internet Options and then in the space to create homepage tabs, type www.Facebook.com and then click OK and you're done


2. Chrome

Launch Chrome and then click on the wrench icon - extreme top left hand corner. From the drop-down click on settings. Below 'On Startup' check the button beside 'Open a specific page or set of pages' and then click the link 'Set Pages'. A pop-up box will appear enter www.Facebook.com in there and click on OK - you're done.


3. FireFox (Mozilla)

Launch FireFox and then open Facebook.com. Now just drag the Facebook Favicon (icon) to the homepage button and release. Facebook is now set as your homepage. For more please check the image below.

How to make Facebook my homepage



4. Safari (iPhone, iPad and MAC)

Launch Safari and then choose preferences - you could also  press Command+, (comma) and the preferences dialog should appear. Beside Homepage enter Facebook and 'Set to current page'. You're done.

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