Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Medium: The new Blogging tool form the Twitter Founders

A typical collection found on Medium

Twitter founders Biz Stone and Evan Williams have launched their latest project. It is now open to sign-up with your Twitter account but not ready for use. You can log-in and read about it but might have a wait a little to actually use the service. The founders have a history on the internet for launching projects that changed the face of the web - Blogger and Twitter. Blogger being a full-fledged blogging service which was bought by Google and Twitter - a micro-blogging service. Coming with such a background makes the web wonder if their next project will have this kind of success again. This project comes from the Obvious Corporation. 

Medium: How does it work

We are able to post how this service would work based on sneak peeks by the founders and their blog which explains further. Medium is a blogging service whose front-face looks a lot like a pin-board - like Pinterest. Users can join together to collaborate on a project. Actually adding content to already popular subjects. This takes away the problem of single-users having to build and grow an audience and becoming authorities on a specific subject. Users also get to choose the level of contribution they prefer. So if you are one of those people who simply like to read, comment and up-vote. This is perfectly fine, since all the content that finds its way to the front page will depend on the number of likes it receives. This will show other users what is trending on the site and increases the likelihood of that bit of content being found. 

Collections: This seems to be the keyword here as you can see from the image. All content gets organized into collections. These collections will also have a theme and a template. These collections can be made up of articles, images, videos and much more. So if you become a contributor to a collection, you material will show-up on the top depending on how many people like it. You can post to these collections any number of posts during the day. If you are a little more ambitious and would so choose. You can start a collection of your own. So sign-up now for the service and let us know what you think in the comments section below. Will this become the next hit blogging network of the future?

Medium - Sign-up now or read more on the Medium Blog.


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