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Monday, March 6, 2023

The Best AI Tools and Resources for Bloggers and Content Creators in 2023

 AI (artificial intelligence) is transforming the way we create and consume content online. Whether you are a blogger, a marketer, a freelancer or an entrepreneur, you can benefit from using AI tools and resources to improve your content creation process.

AI tools can help you with various aspects of content creation, such as:

Generating ideas and topics

Researching keywords and data

Writing headlines and copy

Optimizing SEO (search engine optimization) properties

Editing grammar and style

Analyzing performance and feedback

In this blog post, we will share with you some of the best AI tools and resources that are used by bloggers (and you should too!). These tools can help you save time, boost creativity, increase quality and grow your audience.


1. is an AI writing assistant tools that is use to optimize existing content, create content outlines and briefs, and analyze Google search results with just a click of a button. uses natural language processing (NLP) to understand what your audience is searching for online, what questions they have, what topics they are interested in, and what content gaps exist in your niche. 

You can use to:

Generate content briefs based on your target keyword or topic

Create content outlines with headings, subheadings and bullet points

Optimize your existing content for SEO by adding relevant keywords, links and images

Analyze your competitors’ content and see how you can improve yours

Answer common questions from your audience using data sources like Wikipedia or Quora has a free plan that allows you to create up to 5 documents per month. You can also upgrade to a paid plan starting from $44.99 per month. 

2. Jasper

Jasper is another AI writing assistant tool that can be used to come up with amazing content ideas and write content 10x faster.

Jasper uses deep learning models to generate high-quality content for any kind of niche or industry. You can choose from different templates such as blog posts, social media posts, landing pages, emails, ads etc.

You can use Jasper to:

Generate catchy headlines for your blog posts or articles

Write engaging introductions that hook your readers

Write informative body paragraphs that provide value

Write persuasive conclusions that call for action

Generate unique variations of your existing content

Jasper has a free trial that allows you to create up to 3 documents per day. You can also upgrade to a paid plan starting from $29 per month.


3. is one of the most popular AI-powered content creation tools that is used to write captivating copy for my website, social media platforms, email campaigns, ads etc. uses GPT-3 technology (one of the most advanced artificial neural networks) to generate human-like text for any purpose or goal. You can choose from different templates such as blog post outline, blog post intro paragraph, product description, Facebook ad headline etc. 

You can use to:

Generate compelling copy that converts your visitors into customers

Write catchy headlines that grab attention

Write captivating stories that connect with your audience emotionally

Write SEO-friendly meta tags that rank well on Google

Write personalized emails that increase open rates has a free trial that allows you to create up to 20k words per month. You can also upgrade to a paid plan starting from $29 per month.


4. Usebroca

Usebroca is another AI-powered content creation tool that is used to write clear, concise and effective copy for my website, landing pages, sales pages etc.

Usebroca uses NLP to understand your target audience, your value proposition and your desired outcome. It then generates copy that matches your tone, voice and style.

You can use Usebroca to:

Generate headlines that capture interest

Generate subheadlines that explain benefits

Generate bullet points that highlight features

You can use Usebroca to write copy for different platforms such as WordPress, Shopify, Mailchimp etc. You can also customize your copy for different audiences and goals.

Usebroca has a free trial that allows you to create up to 10 documents per month. You can also upgrade to a paid plan starting from $19 per month.


5. Wordsmith

Wordsmith is another AI-powered content creation tool that is used to write data-driven content such as reports, articles, newsletters etc. 

Wordsmith uses NLP and data visualization to turn complex data into simple and engaging narratives. You can choose from different templates such as business intelligence, e-commerce, finance etc. 

You can use Wordsmith to:

Generate data-driven content that is accurate, relevant and personalized

Write content that is easy to understand and digest for your audience

Write content that is consistent and scalable across different channels

Write content that is actionable and persuasive for your goals

Wordsmith has a free trial that allows you to create up to 10 documents per month. You can also upgrade to a paid plan starting from $99 per month.


These are some of the best AI tools and resources that are can be used by bloggers and content creators. I hope you find them useful and helpful for your own content creation needs.


If you have any questions or feedback about these tools or any other AI tools that you use or recommend, please let me know in the comments below.

Thank you for reading! 😊


Further resources if you need.


Here are the 15 best AI tools and resources for bloggers and content creators:


15 Best AI Tools and Resources for Bloggers and Content Creators


Are you looking for ways to create amazing content for your blog or website? Do you want to save time, money and effort while producing high-quality and engaging content? If yes, then you should definitely check out these 15 best AI tools and resources for bloggers and content creators.

 1. Anyword

Anyword is an AI-powered platform that forecasts content performance with prediction score. It helps you write better headlines, captions, ads and landing pages that resonate with your audience. You can also use it to generate content ideas based on your keywords and niche.

2. DeepL Pro

DeepL Pro is an AI-powered translation tool that uses neural network to translate texts between 26 languages. It claims to be faster, more accurate and more natural than other translation tools. You can use it to translate your blog posts or website content into different languages and reach a global audience.

3. LongShot AI

LongShot AI is an AI-powered tool that checks factual accuracy of content using natural language processing (NLP). It helps you avoid errors and misinformation in your content by verifying facts from reliable sources. You can use it to check your own content or analyze other sources before citing them.

4. LOVO Studio

LOVO Studio is an AI-powered tool that converts text to speech using realistic human voices. It allows you to create audio versions of your text-based content such as articles and blog posts for people who have difficulty reading or prefer listening. You can choose from over 180 voices in 34 languages and customize the speed, pitch and emotion of the speech.

5. NeuralText

NeuralText is an AI-powered tool that studies SERP (search engine results page) to produce better content for SEO (search engine optimization). It helps you find the best keywords, topics and questions for your niche based on what people are searching for on Google. You can also use it to generate catchy headlines, meta descriptions and outlines for your blog posts.

6. Wordtune

Wordtune is an AI-powered writing assistant that uses machine learning to rewrite content in different ways. It helps you improve your writing style, tone and clarity by suggesting alternative ways to express yourself. You can use it to rewrite sentences, paragraphs or entire articles with just one click.

7. Writesonic

Writesonic is an AI-powered platform that offers over 60 templates for content creation. It helps you write engaging copy for various platforms and purposes such as blogs, social media, ads, emails, landing pages and more. You can also use it to generate ideas, headlines, slogans and logos for your brand.

8. is an AI-powered tool that helps with research and writing SEO-friendly content. It helps you find relevant information from reliable sources based on your keywords and niche. You can also use it to optimize your content for search engines by adding headings, links, images and summaries.

9. Jasper

Jasper is an AI-powered tool that generates catchy headlines and subheadings for your blog posts. It helps you attract more readers and clicks by creating attention-grabbing titles that match your topic and tone. You can also use it to generate bullet points and questions to structure your blog posts.

 10. Jarvis (formerly

Jarvis is an AI-powered copywriting assistant that writes engaging copy for various platforms and purposes such as blogs, social media, ads, emails, landing pages and more. It helps you create persuasive copy that converts by using proven formulas and frameworks such as AIDA (Attention-Interest-Desire-Action), PAS (Problem-Agitate-Solve), FAB (Features-Advantages-Benefits) etc.

11. Linguix

Linguix is an AI-powered grammar checker that improves your writing by correcting spelling, punctuation and grammar errors. It also helps you enhance your vocabulary and style by suggesting synonyms, idioms and expressions. You can use it to check your blog posts or website content for errors and readability.

12. Lumen5

Lumen5 is an AI-powered tool that creates engaging videos from text content such as articles and blog posts. It helps you turn your written content into visual content that attracts more views and shares on social media. You can use it to create videos with images, videos, music and voiceovers.

13. Snappa

Snappa is an AI-powered tool that makes professional-looking graphics for social media and blogs in minutes. It helps you design stunning graphics with pre-made templates, fonts, icons and stock photos. You can use it to create graphics for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube and more.

14. Pixlr

Pixlr is an AI-powered tool that edits photos with AI-powered tools and effects. It helps you enhance your photos with filters, stickers, overlays and text. You can use it to edit photos for your blog posts or website content.

15. Crello

Crello is an AI-powered tool that designs beautiful visuals for any purpose with over 50 million stock images and videos. It helps you create eye-catching visuals with templates, animations and effects. You can use it to design visuals for social media, blogs, ads, presentations and more.


Tuesday, April 30, 2013

How to enable Google+ comments on your Blogger Blog

Google have announced that Google+ comments are now available to use on all blogger blogs. What this means is that is you have a blog and you use Blogger - you can bring all your Google+ comments to your blog. This will not only add the power of Google+ to your blog in addition to this, all discussions on Google + that are happening around you blog will also appear. So all public discussions on your Blog and on Google+ will be available for visitors to your site to view. These comments can also be threaded just like all other commenting systems. Facebook comments have been popular on various websites and blogs till now. This has been very popular among many website and blog owners, as it adds the power of Facebook to you blog.

Add Google+ comments to your blogger blogWith Google+ comments you can now bring the entire power of Google+ to your blog. IN addition to your comments and threads, discussions about your blog happening on Google+ will also be available. This is if it is public - all privacy rights are observed. Google+ is fast becoming very popular among bloggers as it has the power to drive a lot of traffic. So if you want the power of Google+ to work for you. You can now enable Google+ comments on your blogger blog in just a few easy steps. The choice is totally up to you.

How to enable Google+ comments on your Blogger blog.
1. Log in to Blogger.
2. Click on Google+ on your dashboard
3. Now select use Google+ comments
4. You're done

Visitors can also choose to comment publicly or comment privately with their circles. Let us know what you think about this new addition in the comments section below.

Source: Google blog official. Read more of our Blogging tips here.

Thursday, December 27, 2012

what is WordPress and how does it work

WordPress is a blogging platform that allows you to create and maintain a blog for free. We are not going to go into the technical aspects of WordPress so much but stick to how to use WordPress to setup your blog. If you have questions like where to blog, how to blog or how do I create a free blog online. WordPress is the No 1. destination on the web for people to create and maintain their blogs for free. WordPress is a CMS (Content management System) which means it can be used to run a full-fledged website. So if you want to run a blog or a website you can use WordPress as a platform. WordPress is based and built on PHP and MySQL - PHP is the code used to build it and all the database is maintained and stored using MySQL. Now that we have got that out of the way, let's proceed to some of the other benefits and uses of WordPress.

Wordpress Uses
Can be used to setup and run your free blog online
Can be used as a platform to build and run your complete website online
Very good for SEO (Search Engine Optimization) - this is what you need to be good with to ensure people find you on search engines like Google. This will drive traffic to your blog or website.

WordPress LogoWhy Wordpress?
WordPress has become the most popular destination on the internet when it comes to people wondering which blogging platform is best for their blog. There are many reasons as to why WordPress is chosen. As of march 2012 WordPress has been used by over 72 million websites and blogs around the world. 48% of the top 100 blogs in the world use WordPress as their CMS or blogging platform. On an average day WordPress sites and blogs generate over 500,000 posts. There are 19,000+ plugins that are freely available to use on your blog or site. Plugins make everything easy for a first-timer or a newbie blogger. So if you don't have the experience or expertise. Simple download and install a plugin that is available for free.

How to get started with WordPress
If you have decided that you would like to blog and become a blogger, WordPress is free to use and just a click away. Signup now for a free blog and you're good to go. There are two things to remember here. There are free blogs and self-hosted blogs. Free WordPress blogs come with the You do have the option to use a custom URL like Self hosted blogs on the other hand give you total freedom to do what you like, you can also run advertisements on your self-hosted blogs. So if blogging for you is going to be a serious decision for you and you want to run the blog to make money online. A self hosted WordPress blog is your answer. For this you will need to use hosting companies such as HostGator or DreamHost, buy some space and install WordPress on your platform for total freedom. If you are new to this and just want to get started and see how it all works go for the free version.

Can I make money Blogging
The answer is yes, there is a lot of money to be made but and there is always the 'but'. A lot of hard work is required, some bloggers stated making money only after 2 or 3 years. The early days of the get rich quick by blogging days are over and now it requires a lot of hard word and dedication.That is not to say that money cannot be made -- that would be wrong. There are many bloggers claiming that 2013 is the year of the writer and with good reason too. With the way Tech and Social Media is exploding, companies are always looking for writers because good content is the key and a good writer can keep his audience engaged and listening. Online Marketing and all the associated budget is tied in with good writers. A good writer brings in the audience and keeps them engaged which in turn brings in the money

So these are the options we have simply laid out for you, if you want to know where to blog and how to blog. The simplest way is to get started -- play around for a bit and you will get the hang of it, as it is really easy and simple. So if you decide to start writing and becoming a blogger we wish you all the best. Please find the WordPress link below to get started. You can also follow our blogging tips here.



Thursday, December 6, 2012

PostRunner: Guest Blogging Service for Authors and Publishers

So let's say you have a blog and you're open to allowing other people to write and contribute -- allowing guest blogging. Maybe you're an author and want to actually write an article for another blog. You might want to do this because once you write for another blog you get exposure and new readers. Since the blog post you contributed will have a link to your social profiles and your own blog or site. It is therefore a win-win for both parties involved. The blog accepting your guest post get new and fresh content and the contributor get exposure and credit -- as a person who is good at their niche.

Getting the two together can be quiet a task. The contributor needs to find sites that might accept this contribution. Blog and site owners needs to actually find people with quality as guest writers and contributors. If you are someone who writes then you know how tedious it is to make a list of all the blog that are similar to your area of expertise and then contact all the bloggers who run the blog and extend your interest and interest to contribute a blog post. This is something that is both time-consuming and tedious.

guest blogging service - PostRunnerEnter PostRunner -- a web app that gets the job done for both publishes and Authors. Publishes get exposure to Authors who will read your blog and decide if they want to write and publishers can get quality authors to write for their blogs without the hassle of searching.

How does PostRunner work?
It is a WordPress plugin, once you install the plugin you would then need to configure your listing and you're all set. You can see all your guest blogging posts in once place and then decide which ones to actually post on your blog. It's a once-stop-shop to handle all your quest blogging needs. So give it a try and let us know what you think in the comments section below.

PostRunner - Check it out here.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Blogger Custom URL not working without WWW [Solution]

Blogger Logo

This is going to be a little techie, away form our usual social media. The reason for this post is becasue those of us who use Blogger with a custom URL are facing a problem. Whenever someone types without the www in front of it. It does not direct to This means that when someone types out web address with out the www in front of it. A 404 error is show and therefore a blank page. Apparently this is a problem which the Google team are having and it has not been working from Sept 19 or maybe even a few days before that. Something like this is quiet stressful and many of you, must be just typing domain names in your browsers without the www. Therefore if there is no redirect, means we loose a lot of visitors, which is not something any blog will want.

So there has been a temporary free solution offered by the Blog ExtremeTechblog. If youa re facing a problem like this you can definitely use it. We can confirm that it works -- bloggers name is Roomi and it is a fantastic solution. 
Extemetechblog - Naked domain redirection not working on Blogger.

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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Medium: The new Blogging tool form the Twitter Founders

A typical collection found on Medium

Twitter founders Biz Stone and Evan Williams have launched their latest project. It is now open to sign-up with your Twitter account but not ready for use. You can log-in and read about it but might have a wait a little to actually use the service. The founders have a history on the internet for launching projects that changed the face of the web - Blogger and Twitter. Blogger being a full-fledged blogging service which was bought by Google and Twitter - a micro-blogging service. Coming with such a background makes the web wonder if their next project will have this kind of success again. This project comes from the Obvious Corporation. 

Medium: How does it work

We are able to post how this service would work based on sneak peeks by the founders and their blog which explains further. Medium is a blogging service whose front-face looks a lot like a pin-board - like Pinterest. Users can join together to collaborate on a project. Actually adding content to already popular subjects. This takes away the problem of single-users having to build and grow an audience and becoming authorities on a specific subject. Users also get to choose the level of contribution they prefer. So if you are one of those people who simply like to read, comment and up-vote. This is perfectly fine, since all the content that finds its way to the front page will depend on the number of likes it receives. This will show other users what is trending on the site and increases the likelihood of that bit of content being found. 

Collections: This seems to be the keyword here as you can see from the image. All content gets organized into collections. These collections will also have a theme and a template. These collections can be made up of articles, images, videos and much more. So if you become a contributor to a collection, you material will show-up on the top depending on how many people like it. You can post to these collections any number of posts during the day. If you are a little more ambitious and would so choose. You can start a collection of your own. So sign-up now for the service and let us know what you think in the comments section below. Will this become the next hit blogging network of the future?

Medium - Sign-up now or read more on the Medium Blog.


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Monday, July 30, 2012

Why am I seeing a huge traffic increase from in my analytics?

If you are one of those people who use the Disqus commenting system on your blog or website, one question you must have over the last couple of days is. Why is there this huge traffic increase coming in from Disqus. This is if you are using Disqus 2012 - does not seem to be happening for people using the old disqus. Traffic from Disqus 2012 seems to be interfering with your analytics and stats because when you login there is this huge increase in traffic and specifically from - - when you click on these links however they do not go anywhere.

If you try to search online for an explanation there does not seem to be anything available to fully explain this. Disqus knowledge base however has a simple answer and it is explained like this. This is a huge increase in traffic from because disqus 2012 is located in an iframe. This iframe is loading from domain ( As Disqus is an interconnected Disqus platform, this iframe effectively allows you to see external referral traffic from Disqus embeds on other sites. Please leave a comment below to continue this discussion.

Source: Disqus Knowledge Base

Friday, August 19, 2011

Kibin: Proofreading and Editing for free

Kibin offers to get your writing proofread and edited for free, does not actually work like that but there is a principle involved. So how does Kibin work, you can get your writing edited for free if you have enough credits and the way to get credits is to do the same for other papers. So the more papers you edt and edit the more credits you earn and you will need lots of credits if you papers are long. All this gets done in 24 hours as promised by Kibin and it gets done by human eyes. This is a community based effort and no software involved, other than some  algorithms running in the background to prioritize and get things right. 

But what if you do not have credits and want you editing done faster Kibin offers a way out. For a flat rate of $0.01 you can get it done in 24 hours and if you want it faster be ready to spend more. Bloggers can count this as a blessings as many of them really could do with an  extra pair of eyes. 

If you would like to demo this whole thing, please click here. If you want to join the community and start editing all you have to do is start highlighting text. You'll then have three options: comment, modify, or strikeout. You can login with your Facebook account. 

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Monday, August 23, 2010

What is tumblr and how does it work

What is Tumblr and howto use it.

Tumblr is a great way to share and find content. Once you signup you get a blog and these are the things you can do with it. You can create an original post and share it with other Tumblrs. Upload a photo and share it with other users, post a quote that you read somewhere, add a link to a cool website you like, post a chat (funny conversation you might have had with your friends), upload songs and you can also upload videos especially the last funny video that's stuck in your head.

Tumblr therefore is for people to find and share things. You can create your original blog post or just share things you find on the internet in a random manner. There is also no fixed character length like the 140 character limit of Twitter. Tumblr is an organized way to find and share information. 

Tumblr also has a reblog link that helps users spread information really fast across the site. There is just one drawback especially for people looking to use the site for SEO (Search Engine Optimization) it does not work too well, since a lot of Tumblr blogs are reposts or reblogs and does not really help.

The upside is that Tumblr is fast becoming main steam and can potentially drive a lot of traffic to your website or help you get a lot of attention and eye balls to original posts by you. signing up is fast and easy just a three step process. It is quiet a fun site and you can share whatever suits your fancy and find loads of interesting stuff shared by other users. 

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Posterous: How does it work

What is Posterous and how does it work?

Posterous is a blogging platform that asks you to simply email and it automatically apperas on your own domain. Yes thats right simply send them an email to the address you see above and you got your first post on the site with your own blog. All you need to do is to keep sending an email to Posterous to updated your blog. No, this is not a micro-blogging platform you can send large file sizes. You can send photos and the more the better, you can post videos and more. So you can post audio links, videos, documents, and photos.

Posterous also has a smart way of posting. So if you send them a YouTube link in your post it will automatically embed the link in your post and the video will appear. Group photos sent are automatically arranged in a gallery, you can also send photos from your phone. When you send music, it is automatically dropped into a web MP3 player for your users to listen to easily.

You Can also autopost to all the other Social Services you use like Facebook and Twitter. Posterous currently supports:

  Movable Type
  Xanga Autopost to everywhere

You also have the options to make your site private or even run a group site. Your RSS feed of the site also doubles as an iTunes ready Podcast. You get 1 GB of free storage. You can also use your own custom URL for your blog. You can use the tag#end at the end of your post and that way cut out your email signature and everything else that comes after end.

If you already run a blog and would like to shift to Posterous that it pretty easy to do on the site.

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