Thursday, October 4, 2012

Blogger Custom URL not working without WWW [Solution]

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This is going to be a little techie, away form our usual social media. The reason for this post is becasue those of us who use Blogger with a custom URL are facing a problem. Whenever someone types without the www in front of it. It does not direct to This means that when someone types out web address with out the www in front of it. A 404 error is show and therefore a blank page. Apparently this is a problem which the Google team are having and it has not been working from Sept 19 or maybe even a few days before that. Something like this is quiet stressful and many of you, must be just typing domain names in your browsers without the www. Therefore if there is no redirect, means we loose a lot of visitors, which is not something any blog will want.

So there has been a temporary free solution offered by the Blog ExtremeTechblog. If youa re facing a problem like this you can definitely use it. We can confirm that it works -- bloggers name is Roomi and it is a fantastic solution. 
Extemetechblog - Naked domain redirection not working on Blogger.

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