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Facebook Promoted Posts: How it works

Facebook Promoted Posts
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Facebook have been rolling out quiet a few products that are going to help them generate revenue. We saw the launch of Facebook Gifts and Facebook offers. We now have promoted posts that essentially let your promote your own post of status update to a larger audience. This is a simple guide to help you get started promoting your posts. 

Benefits of promoted posts
Your friends login ot Facebook and many updates get lost in all the clutter on the news feed. Promoted posts will stay on top and mostly friends will click on it, if it is interesting. You can also promote the post to friends of friends.

How to create a promoted post on Facebook.
You can do so by clicking on the 'Promote' link available under any of your posts. Once you click that you will have to pay using paypal, credit card, MOLpoints or Western Union QuickPay. Once this is done you can select your audience. Friends, friends of friends, custom lists or specific people.

Will all the people I want to promote a post to, see it?
It kind of hangs on top of peoples' news feeds and therefore will be seen. Of course no guarantee that it will get clicked. 

Promoted posts for Facebook pages.
Follow the same method to post from your Facebook page and to bump you posts higher-up users' news feeds. This is good for users who have a large number of likes on their Facebook page.

How much do promoted posts cost?
There is no sure method to come to a particular price as a large number of factors are involved in estimating costs. Facebook have said that it depends on location and how many people you want to reach. When your promoted posts show on on a friends news feed there is the word sponsored under it. 
Read more at the Facebook help section for Promoted Posts

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