Thursday, October 4, 2012

Facebook Offers & Event+ for Page Admins

Facebook offers has now rolled out internationally to Facebook page admins. The product was in beta testing with a select number of Facebook page publishers but is now available to all users who run and administer a page on Facebook. It is know as Offers, Event+ on the Facebook home page. There are some preconditions however to be able to use it - your page must have at least 400 likes and you must have about $5 in your account. It is of use to especially merchants who have offers to products they might want to run on Facebook, targeting members of the page and friends of friends.  

Facebook Offers: How does it work
Let's say you have a small store or a business that people like on Facebook. You page has received over 400 likes and you would like to now run a campaign to make the most of it. You can run a promotional offer on Facebook, offering a discount on a product or service that generates more interest in your page and make a profit. Facebook have also said that these campaigns are run individually by the merchants and Facebook does not get a commission. Page admin can also add a bar-code and promotional offer numbers for better tracking of campaigns. 

Who benefits?
Both Facebook and local merchants would benefit from these campaigns and this add additional revenue sources to both merchants and Facebook. Merchants now get an additional opportunity to generate revenue in additional to traditional media sources that have existed in the past like print and visual ads.
Facebook Offers, Event+: How to use.
Go to your page and click the Offers, Event+ link
From the drop-down click on offer - choose in-store, online or in-store + online, depending on your offer. In-store if people can walk-in to your store and redeem the offer or coupon.  
Compose your Ad set the budget and time and you're good to go.
You can also add a event, milestone or question.

So if you have a Facebook page you can start using Offers and Event+ and see how it works. Also please leave feedback if you think that this is something many merchants are going to find useful. 

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