Monday, August 23, 2010

Posterous: How does it work

What is Posterous and how does it work?

Posterous is a blogging platform that asks you to simply email and it automatically apperas on your own domain. Yes thats right simply send them an email to the address you see above and you got your first post on the site with your own blog. All you need to do is to keep sending an email to Posterous to updated your blog. No, this is not a micro-blogging platform you can send large file sizes. You can send photos and the more the better, you can post videos and more. So you can post audio links, videos, documents, and photos.

Posterous also has a smart way of posting. So if you send them a YouTube link in your post it will automatically embed the link in your post and the video will appear. Group photos sent are automatically arranged in a gallery, you can also send photos from your phone. When you send music, it is automatically dropped into a web MP3 player for your users to listen to easily.

You Can also autopost to all the other Social Services you use like Facebook and Twitter. Posterous currently supports:

  Movable Type
  Xanga Autopost to everywhere

You also have the options to make your site private or even run a group site. Your RSS feed of the site also doubles as an iTunes ready Podcast. You get 1 GB of free storage. You can also use your own custom URL for your blog. You can use the tag#end at the end of your post and that way cut out your email signature and everything else that comes after end.

If you already run a blog and would like to shift to Posterous that it pretty easy to do on the site.

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