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Monday, July 30, 2012

Why am I seeing a huge traffic increase from in my analytics?

If you are one of those people who use the Disqus commenting system on your blog or website, one question you must have over the last couple of days is. Why is there this huge traffic increase coming in from Disqus. This is if you are using Disqus 2012 - does not seem to be happening for people using the old disqus. Traffic from Disqus 2012 seems to be interfering with your analytics and stats because when you login there is this huge increase in traffic and specifically from - - when you click on these links however they do not go anywhere.

If you try to search online for an explanation there does not seem to be anything available to fully explain this. Disqus knowledge base however has a simple answer and it is explained like this. This is a huge increase in traffic from because disqus 2012 is located in an iframe. This iframe is loading from domain ( As Disqus is an interconnected Disqus platform, this iframe effectively allows you to see external referral traffic from Disqus embeds on other sites. Please leave a comment below to continue this discussion.

Source: Disqus Knowledge Base

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Google now indexes Facebook and Disqus comments

This was not happening for a long time. Basically when Google would trawl the internet and index websites comments within an iFrame could not be indexed. So websites and blogs that were using the Facebook commenting system and the Disqus commenting system were not included in search results. That has all now changed and Google is able to index comments made publicly on on Facebook commenting system as well as Disqus and other Add-ons.

This comes as good news for site and blog owners as it is seen as an possibility to increase search rankings based on comments on your site. Basically good comments which is something that all website and blog owners crave for will enhance the site as well as now add to search listings. Which means that people who leave good comments on your webpage or blog will actually enhance your site in the eyes of the search engine. Googlebot the spider that actually comes and crawls your webpage can now read comments. Which means one more thing, you need to be careful as the commented text is now part of the page itself.

To see this in work you can type the person's name followed by 'comments' e.g robert scoble 'comments'. 

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