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How to set Facebook to always open either Top Stories or Most Recent

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This post will deal with how to set your Facebook Homepage to always open either Top Stories or Most Recent. We had previously written about how to set Facebook as you homepage in various browsers. Once your done that you can take things a step further. Whenever you log-in to Facebook you can set it such that it automatically open your News Feed to display either 'Top Stories' or 'Most Recent'.

Difference between Top Stories and Most Recent on your Facebook News Feed

1. Top Stories - when you choose this option only top stories form your friends and people you have subscribe to will be displayed. This is not in chronological order but based on the number of comments and likes each post has received. Therefore the order of Top Stories will be based on numbers and statistics. Most popular post is displayed on top and the others in descending order.

2. Most Recent - this option has nothing to with likes and comments. It is simply set to show you all post on your Facebook News Feed in chronological order. From the most recent appearing first and the rest in descending order. So post form games you play, apps you use, people you have subscribed to and friends' updates will appear in time. According to the time they were posted. 

Now you can use the link on top to shift between these two options. If on the other hand you want to set it such that every-time you open Facebook you want it to directly open either 'Top Stories' or 'Most Recent' this is what you can do.

To open Most Recent stories on your Facebook News Feed every-time set your Facebook homepage to:
To open Top Stories on your Facebook News Feed set your Facebook homepage bookmark to: 
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