Sunday, August 5, 2012

How to transfer data between iPhones

This is a quick tutorial oh how to transfer data between two iPhones. Data could mean contacts, Apps, photos and videos. So when you get a new iPhone you don't have to worry about loosing your data but you can take it with you and ensure all your favorite files are safe. Especially your contacts which are so important. The following guide will help you get all of this done using just a few taps.

How to transfer all your data between iPhones

1. You need to the latest version on iTunes on your PC.
2. Connect your old iPhone to your PC via the USB cable.
3. iTunes will automatically open
4. Under devices you should find your device
5. Right-click on your device and select backup
6. All your data will be backed-up now. Apart from music, apps and pictures not taken with your iPhone's camera
7. Once your data is packed up you can right-click again and this time choose transfer purchases.
8. Once done you can disconnect your old device and connect your new iPhone
9. Once connected select restore from backup
10. To ensure your apps are transferred click the Apps tab on top of your screen and tick Sync Apps.
11. You can do the same for music. Once done click on Apply.
12. You're done.

This is the method to transfer all your files from one iPhone to the other. You can transfer music, videos, text, Apps and all other files from one iPhone to the other.


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