Saturday, August 11, 2012

McKayla Not Impressed Meme

There is at least one Meme that has caught on that the Olympics has helped create. Know as 'McKayla not impressed'. Started out on a Tumblr called McKayla is not impressed. The meme over the last few days has been seeing a spurt of growth and Mckayla Maroney has given the meme her blessing with another photography of herself and two other Olympians doing a scowl when they discover the pool is closed. This pic was posted on McKayla's Twitter

The pool is closed.. #notimpressed
— McKayla Maroney (@McKaylaMaroney) August 11, 2012

Origin of McKayla is not impressed:
McKayla Maroney is an American gymnast who on August 5th performed a nearly flawless vault at the London 2012 Olympics. Her second vault however turned into something of a tragedy when she failed to get enough height and consequently fell on her backside. So instad of the gold everyone though she would get after the first vault she ended up getting a silver medal. While standing on the winners podium photographer Bryan Snyder of the INA took a photograph of McKayla and her scowling expression.

The photo-shopped image was then used to spread the meme. A tumblr emerged with 'McKayla is not impressed'. A BuzzFeed post titled 'McKayla Maroney Falls, Lets Out Her Inner ‘Mean Girl' comes out. Also a whole lot of submissions on Reddit under AdviceAnimals start coming out. The image has been used by people to create their own memes and it is still spreading across the internet like wild fire. 

Here's a YouTube video of Mckayla Maroney's first and second jump. The first one is near perfect but the second jump she falls on her backside.

Here are a few sample images from the meme

Source: McKayla on Twitter


Overly Attached Girlfriend on McKayla: Source

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