Friday, August 3, 2012

Official Android Blog now available

Official Android Blog

For all of you who just can't get enough of all things Android, Google have released an Official Android Blog. All Android updates used to belong on the soon to be closed Google Mobile Blog. This has now changed and if you want to follow all things Android from the folks over at Google. You might want to start following the Official Android Blog and update all your bookmarks and RSS feeds. Google have also launched a + Android Page on Google+ and an Official @Android Twitter profile as well. Important news for all Android Lovers, especially those who like to get their news direct from Google.

All Android news related to phones, tablets and Apps will now be released by Google on this blog. Google have also said that this will not be like a big community and will not have daily news as well but will be the place for all important news and announcements from them. One of latest announcements on the blog is about Google Wallet. Google Wallet now stores all your credit card information not on your phones secure storage area but on Google's highly secure servers. So check out the blog and leave a comment with your feedback.
Official Android Blog - news and notes from the Android Team

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