Wednesday, October 10, 2012

How to delete a Facebook Page

There maybe many reasons to want to delete a Facebook page you created. It might have been created for a cause and has now run its course and finished its purpose. It is not doing well anymore and you would like to get rid of it. Whatever maybe the reason deleting and removing a Facebook page it simple and easy to do. Before you do so, it is good to note that you can simply unpublish your page instead of deleting it. This way you page is still available and you can always publish it back on Facebook, whenever you choose. A delete however is permanent.

How to delete a Facebook fan page you created
1. Login to Facebook
2. Click on your page.
3. Click on 'edit page'
4. Choose 'Manage Permissions'
5. Choose 'Delete Page name'.
6. You're done

How to delete a Facebook pageNote: The first option available is unpublish page.
What is the difference between an unpublished page and a deleted page?
Once your page is unpublished it is available only to page admins. So when you login to Facebook. You can see your page and make any changes. It is however not available to any one else on Facebook, neither is it publicly available. A deleted page is removed from Facebook servers and is no longer available.

Here is a video guide on deleting a Facebook page

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