Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Core Monitor: Monitors iPhone memory, battery and device information in real time

With the new iPhone 5 and other Apple products that are good at optimal battery usage and system power. There is always a need to keep track of what is going on, on your iPhone and iPad. There are a lot of Apps you can use to monitor your system use for your Desktop PC and Android phone. Very few however for iOS devices. Core Monitor is a free App available in iTunes that will help you review your system resources and how well they are doing in real time. The app works best with non-jailbroken devices. If your device is jailbroken you can view the app on your SBSettings.

Core Monitor: How it works
The app once installed can monitor your memory, battery, processes, disk information andApp to monitor your iPhone and iPad , system and power usage device information. You can get a good idea of the work your CPU is doing in real time, monitor your system processes and all background applications, currently running. It also provides a full charge notification to prevent harmful over-charging. One of the benefits of knowing all this information is to be able to keep track of your iPhone or iPad and learn how to use it more sensibly. With optimal use of your device -- not to mention the ability to learn how your devices operates and the amount of power it uses. Knowing what's keeping your memory busy and how much battery life is left for various functions, helps you keep your device running without any hiccups.

Core Monitor for iOS

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