Monday, October 8, 2012

Like-A-Hug: Wear the Social Media Jacket

Inflatable jacket when someone clicks 'Like' on your Facebook statusAs if posting on Facebook and waiting for the 'Likes' to come were not enough. There is now a jacket that will inflate itself a little to give you a hug. It is a simulation but still gives the feeling of getting a hug. The way it works is like this - you post your status update on Facebook about your new cat, dog or cute something. The likes that pouring in - especially if you have a healthy Facebook circle. Now, every time you get a a like - you also get a hug from the jacket. We really don't have any idea what to make of it. Is it another web simulation to gain appreciation in the virtual social world. Will it compensate for human contact - give you the feeling of being loved.

Check it out now at Like-A-Hug

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