Monday, October 8, 2012

Sad YouTube: To read Melancholic comments by Strangers

Everyone who uses YouTube is aware of the aggressive community of trolls that sail the YouTube ocean. They are always there and ready to pass judgement and comment on videos. Some of these comments are simply amazing and some are not so. A lot of these comments simply get voted down and eventually disappear. Sad YouTube however shows that there are those comments worth reading of people who actually write and post comments that are sad and not written in troll standard.

Sad KittyAnother thing to note about comments like these are that they are usually found beneath songs. Reminding people of their past loves and stirring emotions that might have been buried for a long time. There are some of us who actually like reading comments as many can be quiet insightful. One of the best places for this is Reddit -- some of the saddest comments you might ever read. Sad Tube however brings this kind of thing to you from YouTube. So if this is something you might want to rad give the site a whirl and you can also contribute by submitting comments you think should make it on there.

Sad YouTube 

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