Saturday, October 13, 2012

How to unsubscribe from someone on Facebook

Facebook does a good job of telling you who to follow and subscribe to. You might have subscribed to a lot of people and over time get bored with some of their status updates. Over time your interests' might have also changed and you therefore see no need to be subscribed to them. Facebook offers an easy way to unsubscribe from someone in a few easy steps. Once you unsubscribe from a person on Facebook. There status updates will no longer appear in your news feed. if you ever change your mind -- you can always go back to that person's profile and subscribe to their updates again.

How to Unsubscribe from someone on Facebook who you're not friends with
Unsubscribe from someone who you're not friends with on facebook1. Login to Facebook
2. Go to that person's Timeline
3. Hover over the subscribe button you see on the top-right-hand corner
4. From the drop-down click on Unsubscribe
5. You're done

How to unsubscribe from a person who you're friends with on Facebook
Facebook unsubscribe a freind1. Login to Facebook
2. Go to that person's Timeline profile
3. Hover over the friends' icon
5. Uncheck show in news feed
6. Updates from that person will stop appearing in your news feed.

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