Thursday, October 11, 2012

Facebook Ideal Self profiles and how students use them

FB Like BUttonFacebook has become the 'go to' place to find out about other people and their behavior. This happens a lot when you're applying for a new job or a college admission. Potential employers are more and more asking people to give them a link to their personal Facebook profiles. The same happens when applying for college admission. Parents and career guidance counselors have already warned students about the potential dangers of not getting into college because of a Facebook profile that might not seem right in the eyes of a college admission official. The same thing has happened with people applying for a job. The dangers of a Facebook profile showing a lot of fun is very real and can cost a person his college admission or job.

Please Welcome the 'Ideal Self' Facebook profile
So how are students coping with all this pressure to prove their are the right people for the college seat and job. An ingenious solution as reported by ReadWriteWeb. Create an ideal self Facebook profile. This is what students have come up with to combat the prying eues of student counselors who want a look at their private lives. Something not possible before the age of Facebook. These are the way students have adopted to get past the Facebook screening. 1. Hiding their profile under aliases 2. Deactivation their Fb profiles 3. Tweek their privacy settings 4. Create an ideal self profile.

We do have a lot of Facebook guides that help you do exactly that -- tweak your privacy settings. Sometimes however, it seems that creating the ideal self profile on Facebook is a nice way to even things out. So when someone checks your profile, instead of seeing your Friday night party adventures all they is your volunteer work. And how good of a citizen you really are.

Source: ReadWriteWeb

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