Thursday, October 11, 2012

eBay Lifestyle Deals: Get your daily discounts and coupons

eBay have begun testing something called 'Lifestyle deals', similiar to what other daily deals and coupon sites offer -- Groupon style. You must be familiar with this if you use daily deal sites like Gruopon, even if you have signed-up for one of these services. You get daily deals in your email account, informing of what the best deals they have been able to source for you in your city. eBay Lifestyle Deals works on the same concept. if you go to the lifestyle dels eBay site - you see that San Francisco has been listed with a number of services being offered and their daily deals. There are also a lot of other metros listed in the US. Currently available only in the US.

Companies who are into the daily deals business employ a lot of sales people who eBay lifestyle and daily deals sitemeet and negotiate with local merchants to get the best possible deals. These deals are then uploaded to the site and passed on to customers. Getting into the daily deals market is easy but growing a sustainable and profitable business out of it is a whole different thing. eBay's lifestyle deals is their first foray into services - their daily deals on physical products have been available for two years already. if you visit the site you will see a lot of offers for gift certificates and acupuncture and foods. These deals have significantly reduced costs, something eBay will need to keep bringing into the daily deal market which is already packed with the likes of Amazon, Google and Groupon.

eBay Lifestyle Deals

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