Tuesday, October 23, 2012

iPad Mini: All iPad features at a lesser price

This time it's official, Apple have just unveiled the iPad Mini -- a smaller version of its hugely popular iPad. The iPad Mini is definitely a little higher than the Android tablets available at that size. It comes with a 7.9 inch display and a whole lot of other features that iPad users have gotten used to. The iPad Mini has Facetime HD-Camera, iSight camera with 1080p HD video and ultrafast wireless. The price tag for the new iPad is $329 and is definitely placed a little higher that its rivals in that segment. There are a whole lot of Android tablets at that ranger that are a lot less cheaper -- the iPad Mini however does have all those Apps that can be downloaded from the Apple Appstore. The iPad Mini will be available for preorders starting Friday.

iPad MiniThe release of the iPad Mini brings to end all those rumors that were floating around regarding the device. Now we know a whole lot more and from the videos below you get to see for yourself. Here are some of the feature highlights of the Mini. It has the same display as the iPad, 275,000 apps built for the iPad and not tweeked phone apps, 10 hour battery life, A5 Chip for faster performance and both Facetime and iSight cameras. Not to forget that the iPad Mini does come with Siri the virtual voice assistant.


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