Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Use Phrozen Skype REC to record Skype calls on Windows

Skype is one webapp that you cannot do without. It offers a lot of functionality but the main feature missing, is the ability to record voice calls. This must have been something left-out by Skype for good reason. Privacy concerns must be on the top of that list. The usefulness of being able to record a business call cannot be undermined. Most business conversations over the internet can soon be lost and verbal agreements can be forgotten. With Phrozen Skype Rec however, you can now record Skype calls on Windows. It works with Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8. The ability to record voice calls might not be of top priority for many users but for some however it can be immensely useful. The webapp once downloaded will work in the background -- when launched it will automatically detect voice calls on Skype and begin to record. Once you're done with the recording it can be saved in .WAV format. A simple solution for your question, how to record Skype conversations?How to record a Skype Call

Phrozen Skype REC: How it works.
You would need to first download the software in a ZIP file
The program will download in two modes 1. Setup mode: To automatically install on your PC 2. Portable Mode: To be installed and only you know where the program in located
Once loaded the program will interact with the Skype API and you will need to hit the 'Allow Access' button and you're good to go
There is no start button and so when Phrozen detects a voice conversation it will automatically start recording the conversation and save it to your hard-drive.
So give it a whirl and leave feedback in the comments section below

Download Phrozen Skype REC

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