Monday, October 15, 2012

Stop people knowing you've viewed their LinkedIn profile

LinkedIn has something very annoying - every time you view someone's profile they get an email notification letting them know, you've viewed their profile. This is also bad news for recruiters and people in the HR Industry. As it could lead to false hopes in people even if you were simply checking out a candidate, it still raises hopes especially for job seekers. Every-time you search for someone on Google and you land on their LinkedIn profile page. Email notifications let them know you're viewed their profile. If this is something you don't want and would rather view other profiles on LinkedIn anonymously. LinkedIn offers the best solution. Follow the below steps to turn off 'who viewed my profile' on LinkedIn.

You can either click here or follow the steps below stop people knowing you've viewed their LinkedIn Profile. 
Stop people from knowing you viewed their profile1. Login to LinkedIn
2. Hover over your name on the right-hand corner and choose settings from the drop-down
3. Under privacy controls choose 'Select what others see when you've viewed their profile'
4. You can choose only name and headline, anonymous profile characteristics or totally anonymous.

This way other people will not get to know you viewed their profile, allowing you to surf LinkedIn profiles without the border of people being notified that you viewed their profile. Stop people from knowing you viewed their profile

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