Monday, October 15, 2012

How to share iOS 6 Photos on Facebook

Apple's latest iOS - iOS 6 has some fantastic features and one of them is the ability to share your iOS 6 photos on Facebook. You can also sync and share your Facebook photos on your iPhone or iPad from within iOS 6. To get started you will need to setup Facebook in iOS 6. Once that is done you can then begin to share photos with your Facebook, iPhone and iPad pals. You can also do all this sharing using Siri - the virtual voice assistant. So with a simple voice command you can begin photo sharing on Facebook and on your devices.

[caption id="attachment_2739" align="aligncenter" width="300"]iOS 6 photos on Facebook Source: Apple[/caption]

How to allow Facebook to access my iOS photos
1. On your iPhone or iPad you will need to open settings
2. Choose privacy
3. Choose photos
4. The Facebook icon should appear here. You need to ensure that the blue 'On' button is active. Change to on if in the off mode.

Once in the 'On' mode share all your iOS photos and photo streams with your Facebook pals.

How to share iOS photos using Siri
1. Tap and hold down the home button for 2-3 seconds to activate Siri
2. Say 'Post to Facebook'
3. Tell Siri what to post
4. Review post and type in any edits
5. Tap or say 'Post' and you're done.

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