Tuesday, October 16, 2012

How to get the New LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn has been hard at work releasing improvements, that it believes will help build more interaction between you are your connections. With that said -- LinkedIn now has something called the New LinkedIn Profile. The new LinkedIn has an all new sleek look and you notice that it has a Twitter style header. That is one of the first things you notice, you can place you photo with a brief bio about you. Below that is the The brief bio is for visitors to your profile to get a good first impression. The Snippet of you profile has your current company, previous company, education and geographical location. Below which is your activity, this is new as older profiles have background and experience. Now activity has taken the top spot, a clear indication in the shift in  Social Media being incorporated on LinkedIn. What you share is very important and user engagement adds credibility to your influence among the community.

New LinkedIn Profile

The right column is solely dedicated to your connects. This includes people who you might know. The strength of your profile (All Star) and the 'Also viewed' option. You can get the all new LinkedIn profile now by applying for an invitation. As it is being rolled out in phases. To get started with the new LinkedIn profile please follow the link below and request an invite.
Get the New LinkedIn profile now

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