Wednesday, October 17, 2012

How to block someone on Pinterest

Pinterest which made a popular appearance in 2012 has just added a few more features to help users. The ability to block people -- so if you are having problem with someone on PInterest that is giving you a hard time. Maybe leaving unwelcome comments on your pins or your boards. Maybe even repinning your pins onto boards that are not exactly flattering, you can now block them. There are many reasons why you might want to block someone. If you have decided to block someone or a follower or a group of people on Pinterest, follow the instructions below to do so, to help maintain your privacy in Pinterest.

Pinterest Block Someone

How to block someone on Pinterest.
1. Login to Pinterest
2. Go to the his or her's profile page
3. Click on the flag icon that appears on the right hand side of their profile information
4. from the drop-down menu click on block
5. Confirm the block and you're done

What happens when you block someone on Pinterest.
1. You and the person who you blocked will not be able to follow and interact with each other's pins
2. Both of you will not be able to like, comment or repin each others pins.
4. All previous follows, comments, likes and repins are automatically removed.
5. They will not be notified about the block. However if they try to follow you again, interact with your pins or invite you to a group board they will be notified about the block.
6. Both parties will be able to see each others's boards in public search results, general category feeds and boars that both of you have collaborated on.
7. Both of you will be able to see each other's baords and pins as any other user logged in to Pinterest. Since boards and pins are public.

So blocking on Pinterest mainly cuts all interaction between you and the person you blocked. Although you can still see each other's pins and boards. No interaction is possible. 

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