Friday, November 16, 2012

Facebook Couples Pages and Friendship Pages

Facebook has something totally new and it is being called 'Facebook pages for Couples' and this is how the whole thing works. Let's start with 'Friendship Pages'. When you click on the see friendship link on a friend's profile or Timeline. You go to a page that is dedicated to the two of you. Here you can see the 'Likes' you'll share together, Photos you guys have shared. Stories posted to each other's news feed and now with the all new redesign -- it looks like the Timeline people are getting used to. So these shared profile or friendship pages are something that's visible to everyone. Now that we have the background let's dig a little deeper

How to view 'Friendship pages'
friendship pages on Facebook1. Login to Facebook
2. Go to the Timeline profile of a friend
3. Click on the gear icon beside message, found below the cover photo
4. Click on 'See Friendship'.
You now go to a page that has the two of you and all that you'll share together. This is a public page and anyone can view it.

Find friendships on FacebookOn the right-hand side is something called 'Browse Friendships'. Here you can enter two friend's name to see their friendship page. So you can check out what two people have been sharing together on Facebook.

Now on to Couples Pages.
Couples page son Facebook will look like a normal Facebook Profile page -- complete with Cover Photo, Timeline Profile and like son the left with all the likes, shares, photos and you get the picture. There is also place for couples to upload two photos of themselves together. So the profile picture will be of two people and this is a page dedicated to couples. So if you have listed yourself as in a relationship on Facebook. You now have a wonderful couples page -- please review stuff on that page if you are not comfortable with the things listed there. Might be an added headache for you and your partner.

How to find the Facebook Couple page that I share with someone
You will need to go to www.facebook.com/us and here you'll find the page you share with that person. The page will only be available if you have listed yourself as 'In a relationship with' on Facebook. Please leave a comment with what you think about this whole 'Couples Page' thing.

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