Friday, November 16, 2012

The Twinkies and Hostess Meme

Hostess the bakery company has filed for Bankruptcy -- in order to cease business and sell off all their assets. This happened on 16 Novemeber 2012. After more than 6,000 employees joined a uninor workers strike and refused to go back to work. Hostess is famous for such brands as Twinkies, Ding Dongs and Ho Hos. The internet and all its people reacted in the only way they could by creating the Hostess Meme. By taking their opinions to Twitter, Tumblr, Reddit, Google+ and Facebook. eBay is also in this big time as people are selling Twinkies for amounts you never though would be real, like this one for $1,000,000. Yeah available now for a million bucks. Hostess Meme

On Twitter as of this moment of writing #hostess is on the worldwide trending topics list. On Google+ #Twinkies is trending. On Tumblr and Reddit simply search for Hostess or Twinkies and be met with hundreds of updates regarding the same. On Reddit all the funny meme characters are out in full swing to say their bit on Twinkies and Hostess. There are a whole lot of No videos from YouTube that are being shared. Nooooooooooo -- as a reaction to something happening. Give it another few days and this is sure to blow out into a full fledged meme.

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