Monday, November 12, 2012

Refresh their Facebook pages to see Romney's Likes decrease and Obama's increase

The battle was long and hard-fought and to the victor goes the Facebook Likes. This is the power of Social Media and it's open for all to see. Post elections if you go to Mitt Romney's Facebook page and click on refresh you can see his likes count decreasing in real time. The opposite is true for the president. If you go to Obama's Facebook page and refresh the page you will see his likes increasing. The power of Social Media is now most evident and for all to see in real-time.

Obama's Likes increasingThe reports first started surfacing that after the elections Mitt Romney was loosing followers. Going to his page you can see it for yourself. We cannot accurately predict when it will taper off and settle down to a number which might stay steady, as of now it just keeps happening. There is now also a website dedicated to this phenomena called Disappearing Romney. You don't need the website however as you can see it for yourself. Facebook Likes matter and it only proves that in a democracy the power of the people will always matter and although all the campaigning happened off-line the on-line world matters and somehow into the mix Facebook Likes also matter.

Check it out now at Mitt Romney's Facebook page and Obama's Facebook page.

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