Sunday, December 16, 2012

Android: How to block a number

There are a lot of Apps in the market for you to use when you want to block someone on your Android device. But did you know that Android already has an in-built feature that helps you do just that. To use the feature you do not need to download Apps, install them and block people. If there is a number you want to block on your Android phone, follow the easy steps below to get it done. On older phones this was something that was not possible but with SmartPhones you can block people and numbers and not receive any calls from then again.

Android Block NumbersHow to block a number on my Android phone.
1. Open the contacts
2. Go to that contact and tap menu
3. Now tap on options
4. Tick or check the box next to 'Incoming Calls' -- this will send all calls into voicemail and you never need to receive a call from them.

When you tap on options various devices might offer other choices like the Samsung Galaxy S2 has 'Add the blacklist'. This again will block calls from that number. To unblock a number simply follow the same process. So whichever Android device you might be using follow the steps given above and you will find the block option.

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