Sunday, December 16, 2012

Android: How to clear browser cache

There are many problems you can encounter on your Android phone when your browser cache gets full. Sometimes your App might slow down and start misbehaving or your browser gets a little slow. Resulting in an overall sluggish problem on your phone. So if you encounter such problems there is a quick an easy way to clear your browser cache and improve the overall performance of your Android phone or tablet. The built-in browser on your Android phone is named 'Internet' and follow the instructions below to clear the cache and history and everything related.

Android clear cacheHow to clear browser cache on the native Android Browser.
1. Tap the menu button
2. Select settings
3. From settings screen scroll down to privacy settings
4. From here you can clear history, cache, cookies and form data.

How to clear browsing data on Chrome for Android
If you're using Chrome on your Android phone or tablet this is how to clear your browser history.
1. tap on the menu button
2. Tap settings
3. Tap privacy options
4. Now tap on clear browsing data found on the top right-hand corner.

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