Sunday, December 16, 2012

How to change Facebook profile picture

If you have searched for this post you must be new to Facebook. Profile picture are always public and when you change your profile pic on your Facebook Timeline. It goes to your Profile Pictures album which is public. If you want to change the options as to who can view your profile pictures. You must go to this album and set the permissions from there. To do that go to that particular photo, click on it, once in expanded mode, click on edit to set viewing permissions.

How to change your Facebook profile pictureHow to change my profile picture on Facebook.
1. Login to Facebook
2. Click on your name to go to Timeline
3. Mouse over or just hover over your profile picture
4. 'Edit Profile Picture' icon pops up - pencil icon
5. Click on it and you can now either 'Take a Photo' using your cam or upload your photo or use a photo already uploaded to Facebook. You can also edit your current thumbnail image.
6. Once you either upload or take a photo, set the frame to a clear vision of your face
7. Click Save and you're done.

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