Sunday, December 16, 2012

How to compare Android phones side by side

So you're looking to buy an Android device, maybe a phone or tablet but before buying you would like to compare the devices. Comparing devices will let you see the configuration, battery life, size, hardware, camera and features. This will give you a complete overview on the kind of devices available and the cost. Viewing devices side by will also let you choose and make the right decision. Fortunately this is easy to do and can be done on the Android site itself. Comparing specs is important to all buyers of mobile phones and tablets and no matter what people have written about a particular device, you would like to compare your favorite devices and see for yourself.

How to compare Android devices side by sideHow to compare Android devices side by side before buying
1. Go to Android.com
2. Click on 'Browse Devices' found on the top of your screen
3. You can now choose 'Your Country', 'Manufacturer' or 'Operator' - service provider.
4. Once your done you can now check the box below any three device and hit the 'Compare' button found on the right-hand side of our screen.
5. Click on 'Clear' to repeat the process and start over again.

This is the most simple way to compare your 'Samsung', 'HTC' or Dell devices just to name a few. All devices are available and according to your country and phones available in your part of the world -- you can check and see for yourself.

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