Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Gangnam Style GIFs of the year 2012

Gangnam Style the YouTube video has crossed 1 billion views and has spawned countless parodies. The song by itself might have run its course and the new year will help it on its way. The parodies however have been able to rake up millions of views and well, the GIFs have also received lots of views and comments on social sites. We bring to you some of the best GIFs from around the web, to celebrate something that the digital world brought to us. Plain and simple - a song with its parodies, flash mobs and GIFs. All made for an exciting 2012 and the biggest Gangnam Style bash might happen as 2012 fades away and the new year 2013 comes about. Here are some of the best GIFs worthy of views and mentions.

1. Lara Croft Elevator doing Gangnam Style - [Source]

lara Croft Gangnam Style Elevator

2. Reporter video bombed with Gangnam Style [Source]

reporter gets video bombed by the ocean gangnam style

3. Gangnam Style at a gamer Show [Source]

game show presenters get gangnam Styled


4. Gangnam Style Scary [Source]

scary gangnam style - suspense 5.  Superheros Gangnam Style [Source]

Superheros gangnam style

6. Batman Gangnam Style [Source]

batman Gangnam Style


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