Wednesday, December 26, 2012

How to design a product like Apple [Video]

Apple products are know for a lot of features like design, simplicity, quality and innovation. Apple also became the biggest company in history and for sometime had more cash in hand than the US government. People pride themselves to hold an iPhone or iPad in their hands but all of this comes with a price. Steve Jobs was know to be a perfectionist and a task master -- someone who always wanted the best and at any cost. He might not have been the most innovative as many of their products are not original ideas. The difference however lies in the fact that they did it better that anybody else. There are a few key principles that are not to be missed if you want to be innovative and bring out the next best product. These are also lessons for life. Apple was also responsible for making cloud computing and cloud services popular with iCloud. A cloud based storage system that allows you to store all your music and videos in the cloud rather than on your local device.

Design like AppleSome of the rules followed by Steve Jobs and Co, was that they would not compromise on design just because a part of the product was not in the customer's line of sight. Every employee must have a deep understanding of the product being built and how it'll benefit the end users and society in general. Apple also has the principle of 'being wrong' -- you need to be light on your feet, innovative and interested in being wrong. That's what design and innovation is all about. Good design is motivated by failures and optimistic about change. In the end people don't want products that are filled with bells and whistles but products that are clean, simple and something they can identify with. Check out the fun video below and let's continue this discussion in the comments section below.

Video: How to design like Apple

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