Wednesday, December 26, 2012

What is Cloud Computing for dummies

Cloud Computing - the term is being used more and more these days, and for IT professionals looking for the next big thing -- Cloud Computing has jobs available but professionals are not. We have already done a post on how the next big jobs would be cloud related and how many vacant positions went unfulfilled this year. Continuing on those lines we would like to do a post on what is Cloud Computing, what is the cloud and why all the fuss. Typically the term cloud has nothing to do with the clouds of nature, it is more to do with how Cloud Computing is explained and if you look at Cloud hosting and Cloud Services diagrams you will see that it invariably assumes the shape of a cloud. It is from this shape that the term Cloud Computing has been derived. Image below via wikipedia.

What is Cloud ComutingThere are many free cloud based storage services that are available today like Google Drive, iCloud, Microsoft Sky Drive and DropBox to name a few. You can use these services for free and store all your files and folders for free online. This way whenever you travel there will be no need to carry your Laptop but a Tablet would do. Connect to any one of these services that you use and you're ready to go.

What is Cloud Computing
Cloud Computing is the delivery of services both hardware and software across a network and mainly the internet. This means that once you connect to the cloud you have hardware available for storing your files and software available to make it possible. So large companies that do not want to invest in individual licences for each user which would mean paying for all the software used on each individual's PC, and also investing in hardware and servers to keep the services running. Companies use all of these resources that have already been setup in another location. So just plug and play without bothering about licences and software and hardware. So all a user needs is a lightweight mobile app or desktop -- without consuming too many resources. These work as pay-as-you-go models with large companies like Google and Microsoft offering the service for free up to a certain limit of storage space.

Why Cloud Computing
Cloud Computing is also offered in different forms - Public Cloud, Private Cloud and Hybrid Cloud services. Public Clouds are usually free services that any one can use. A private Cloud is the entire setup done according to the specifications of a company for that company's use. Hybrid clouds are a mixture of the two. Cloud Computing typically tries to offer the end user the use of advanced high-end super-computing power for a price. Saving the end users all the trouble of investment, setup and running costs. very useful for small business, large businesses and individuals.

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