Wednesday, December 26, 2012

What normal life sounds like in space

Reddit has many users who come from all walks of like and every kind of professional you can think of -- yes they also have Redditors who are astronauts. most notable - Col Chris Hadfield who's a Canadian Astronaut and fighter pilot having flown two space shuttle missions for NASA -- STS-74 in 1995 and STS-100 in 2001. On his missions he has some fantastic sound recordings that any space enthusiast would like to hear -- 'Ambient Noise on an International Space station'. Listening to the recording you would be surprised to learn that the constant noise on an international space station can be quiet loud and astronauts need to use earplugs to cut out the noise. Col Chris Hadfield has released a recording of the noise while aboard the space station and you can listen in and check out the constant buzz.

Col Chris Hadfield via Facebook
Col Chris Hadfield on sounds from an International Space StationTwo recordings of the Colonel are now available -- a song recorded in space called ' Jewel In the Night' and the 'Ambient Noise of the International Space Station'. After posting the sound clip on Reddit, the post has already attracted about 500 comments. With some users asking for a sample of the sound found outside the space station. There are also a whole host of other sounds that people will be interested in maybe Col Chris Hadfield would make those available. So till then please enjoy the sounds as we have attached them below. His is an enjoyable contribution to science. You can follow him on Facebook here and Twitter here.

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