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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

What normal life sounds like in space

Reddit has many users who come from all walks of like and every kind of professional you can think of -- yes they also have Redditors who are astronauts. most notable - Col Chris Hadfield who's a Canadian Astronaut and fighter pilot having flown two space shuttle missions for NASA -- STS-74 in 1995 and STS-100 in 2001. On his missions he has some fantastic sound recordings that any space enthusiast would like to hear -- 'Ambient Noise on an International Space station'. Listening to the recording you would be surprised to learn that the constant noise on an international space station can be quiet loud and astronauts need to use earplugs to cut out the noise. Col Chris Hadfield has released a recording of the noise while aboard the space station and you can listen in and check out the constant buzz.

Col Chris Hadfield via Facebook
Col Chris Hadfield on sounds from an International Space StationTwo recordings of the Colonel are now available -- a song recorded in space called ' Jewel In the Night' and the 'Ambient Noise of the International Space Station'. After posting the sound clip on Reddit, the post has already attracted about 500 comments. With some users asking for a sample of the sound found outside the space station. There are also a whole host of other sounds that people will be interested in maybe Col Chris Hadfield would make those available. So till then please enjoy the sounds as we have attached them below. His is an enjoyable contribution to science. You can follow him on Facebook here and Twitter here.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Astronaut sending beautiful pictures from Space on Twitter.

A Japanese aeronautical engineer  aboard the International space station has found a new way of filling time. After the treadmill and going to the loo in zero-gravity what is an astronaut supposed to do. Well, maybe entertain your followers on Twitter, hey thats noble. For us lowly ones still stuck on planet earth wondering how to get into orbit Astro_Sochi is sending us the pics. We all love to see. Does our earth really look like a blue marble from far out there?

If you would like to read his official NASA bio here is the link SOICHI NOGUCHI

But no matter how far you are out there this is what his last latest Tweet to eart read.

How is Super Bowl? I mean, all the commercials...

Here are some of the newest pics sent via Twitpic by Soichi Noguchi

Pico De Orizaba,the highest mountain in Mexico.

London, England - first time that I saw the whole city without any cloud.

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Friday, February 5, 2010

Astronauts to answer questions from Twitterverse.

NASA is wanting space buffs on Twitter to interact with their astronauts. 

Mike Massimino also known as Astro_Mike had asked the public to post live questions to him via his Twitter account till Feb 11, which he will take and reply to the crew aboard Space Shuttle Endeavor 

From his Twitter account. 
Send your ?s to me and I will ask the next shuttle crew while they are in space.

Officials at Kennedy Space Center said liftoff is go for 4:39 AM EST (9:39 AM GMT, 1:39 AM PST), with an 80 per cent chance of good weather early sunday morning on Feb 7th.

During their stay, NASA is inviting stay-at-home space cadets to send questions for the Endeavour crew via Twitter and have them answered live from space.

Astronaut Mike Massimino will be accepting questions for the STS-130 mission crew through his Twitter account, astro_Mike, until Thursday, February 11.
At 8:24 AM GMT (12:24 AM PST) Thursday, Massimino will host a live 20-minute web event from his console at Mission Control, where he'll ask the Endeavour astronauts as many submitted and live questions "as practical." The shuttle will be docked to the station during the Q&A session, which will be aired live on the NASA TV website.

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Monday, January 25, 2010

Astronauts are busy sending updates to Twitter and enthralling their fans.

TJ Creamer who was the first person to Tweet from space has been busy. His account that was at about 5,000 when the first tweet from Space came in is now being followed by 26,412 people as this post is bing written. Thanks to him a of information is now being shared and people are able to follow life as it is going on, on the space station. Creamer and his buddies have been updating their Twitter accounts with the latest news and even what they have for breakfast etc. Some of the Tweets are listed below.

@Space_Pete 1st time seeing the Earth, my thought & feelings were: how inspiringly beautiful & peaceful. All should see...
@maartenmg Bedtime is about 10pm GMT usually, and we get up by 6am, usually, unless we have a shifted sleep schedule.

@Romain_David Our Earth pics go here: & our mission pix:

It's late now.Will tweet as time allows;much work (science,maintenance,preps 4 next Shuttle).Glad we can share the adventure w/u. Night all.

What do you call an Astronaut that Tweets. Tstronaut.

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