Sunday, February 7, 2010

Astronaut sending beautiful pictures from Space on Twitter.

A Japanese aeronautical engineer  aboard the International space station has found a new way of filling time. After the treadmill and going to the loo in zero-gravity what is an astronaut supposed to do. Well, maybe entertain your followers on Twitter, hey thats noble. For us lowly ones still stuck on planet earth wondering how to get into orbit Astro_Sochi is sending us the pics. We all love to see. Does our earth really look like a blue marble from far out there?

If you would like to read his official NASA bio here is the link SOICHI NOGUCHI

But no matter how far you are out there this is what his last latest Tweet to eart read.

How is Super Bowl? I mean, all the commercials...

Here are some of the newest pics sent via Twitpic by Soichi Noguchi

Pico De Orizaba,the highest mountain in Mexico.

London, England - first time that I saw the whole city without any cloud.

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