Monday, January 25, 2010

Astronauts are busy sending updates to Twitter and enthralling their fans.

TJ Creamer who was the first person to Tweet from space has been busy. His account that was at about 5,000 when the first tweet from Space came in is now being followed by 26,412 people as this post is bing written. Thanks to him a of information is now being shared and people are able to follow life as it is going on, on the space station. Creamer and his buddies have been updating their Twitter accounts with the latest news and even what they have for breakfast etc. Some of the Tweets are listed below.

@Space_Pete 1st time seeing the Earth, my thought & feelings were: how inspiringly beautiful & peaceful. All should see...
@maartenmg Bedtime is about 10pm GMT usually, and we get up by 6am, usually, unless we have a shifted sleep schedule.

@Romain_David Our Earth pics go here: & our mission pix:

It's late now.Will tweet as time allows;much work (science,maintenance,preps 4 next Shuttle).Glad we can share the adventure w/u. Night all.

What do you call an Astronaut that Tweets. Tstronaut.

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